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  • Blue Sensor ''Q'' Series EKG Electrodes (25Pk)

    Blue Sensor ''Q'' Series EKG Electrodes (25Pk)

    Perfect size for 12-Lead application. The medium-size Ambu Blue Sensor 'Q' electrode features highly conductive wet gel, superior adhesion, and a large measuring area to ensure optimal signal quality during EMS monitoring applications. High-quality...

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  • 3M #2560 Red Dot EKG Electrodes 50 per Pack

    3M #2560 Red Dot EKG Electrodes 50 per Pack

    These versatile electrodes can be used for all cardiac monitoring applications. They have an adhesive foam backing with conductive sticky gel that provides quick-stick performance without sacrificing patient skin care and comfort. Latex-free...

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  • Pediatric Blue Sensor Electrodes - 25 per Pack

    Ideal for use on Pediatric and Neonatal Patients! Thanks to the cloth material, skin is able to breathe so the electrode remains comfortable to wear over long periods. The Blue Sensor N electrodes are available with a stud connector in a foil pack...

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  • Vermed Foam EKG Electrodes - 30 per Pack

    This Foam Electrodes uses a conductive solid Hydrogel which allows for maximum adhesion and electrical contact. Our electrodes are made of a Polyethylene Foam that is fluid impervious and tear resistant. Teardrop shape with tab.  Measures...

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  • Disposable Prep Razor for Rapid Hair Removal

    Ever try a standard "Bic Style" razor to do quick chest hair removal?  Don't bother, it's impossible!  Our Disposable Prep Razor removes even the thickest chest hair quickly and effortlessly.  A must-have item for every AED and...

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