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Tape, All Types

  • Transparent Tape by Curad **ALL SIZES**

    Compare to 3M Transpore. Provides a clean and easy bilateral tear. Excellent tape to hold facial dressings or for IV sites and IV tubing. A breathable, perforated plastic tape that permits skin examination without tape removal. Latex-Free.  

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  • Transpore Tape by 3M **ALL SIZES**

    Transpore Tape by 3M **ALL SIZES**

    A latex-free, hypoallergenic, transparent and perforated plastic tape that offers strong adhesion. Transpore tape is easy to tear into very thin strips, and is easy to use even with gloves. It allows visualization of the skin.  For securing IV...

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  • Porous Adhesive Athletic Tape **ALL SIZES**

    CURAD Ortho-Porous Sports Adhesive Tape Available in 1 inch and 2 inch sizes Strong woven cotton backing provides high tensile strength and support. Powerful rubber-based adhesive is designed for long lasting adhesion with minimal residue. Highly...

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