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  • Spectro2 10 Pulse Oximeter by BCI

    Spectro2 10 Pulse Oximeter by BCI

    Affordable, dependable and easy to use, the SPECTRO2™ 10 Pulse Oximeter is a low cost, spot-check device displaying SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength and Pulse amplitude Index (PI). This device delivers reliable performance, meeting the needs of...

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  • EDAN H100B Pulse Oximeter

    EDAN H100B Pulse Oximeter

    The H100B employs EDAN SpO2 technology. Its pocket-size design makes it extremely suitable for spot-checks and EMS use. Compact & lightweight LCD display Real-time clock Advanced SpO2 module with industry leading...

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  • Pulse Oximeter Carry Case

    Pulse Oximeter Carry Case

    Looking for a case for that hand-held Pulse Oximeter that's been banging around the Jump Bag? Well look no longer! We have made a Universal Pulse-Ox Case designed to fit the majority of current models in the EMS field. With a clear, right-side pouch for...

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