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MCI and Triage Stuff

  • METTAG Triage Tag - 50/Pack

    The Original MT-137 Medical Emergency Triage Tag is constructed of a high-density damage resistant synthetic material, and is printed using a special thermal printing process, allowing use in the harshest and most demanding field situations...

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  • Triage Flag - Yellow with Stand Triage Flag Stand

    Triage Flag Kit - Red, Yellow, Green, Black

    he Conterra Triage Flag Kit helps save lives.  These are not your run of the mill plastic flags.  Our triage flags are sewn entirely out of U.S. Oxford nylon for long service life. The flag poles are made of three sections of shock-corded...

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  • Disaster Supply Pack

    Disaster Supply Pack

    When disaster strikes are you ready to respond with an organized pack that has numerous supplies for mass casualties? Designed for treating patients in an open scene environment or a field clinic situation, this pack features 16 easy-open pockets...

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  • Active Shooter / MCI Bag - Stocked

    Active Shooter / MCI Bag - Stocked

    Active Shooter Bag contains the following: 12 - C.A.T. Tourniquets - Black 12 - QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze LE 12 - Emergency Trauma Dressings - 4 inch 12 - Hy-Fin Chest Seal with Vent - Twin-Pack 6  - Emergency Trauma Dressings - 6...

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  • Closed

    DYNA-LIFT Transport Unit

    The DYNA-LIFT Transport Unit is used to transport, transfer or rescue patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers. The non-woven, latex-free construction will hold up to 1500 lbs. and has 14 handles for ergonomic lifting. Measures...

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  • MCI Stretcher

    MCI Stretcher

    Constructed of two (2) layers of impervious 14 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl that will not absorb body fluids.  All weight bearing straps cross through the middle of the device, where the patients’ weight is centered.   The double...

    $122.39 - $235.37
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  • SMART Triage Tags 10/Pack

    SMART Triage Tags 10/Pack

    Contains 10 SMART Tags™  -  Folding design allows re-prioritizing of casualties, highly visible triage tag which only shows a single priority at any one time, resistant to water, body fluids, petroleum and many other chemicals. Made from...

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  • Stocked - Disaster Supply Pack

    Stocked - Disaster Supply Pack

    Start with a Disaster Supply Pack #215 by R&B THEN, WE STOCK IT WITH THE FOLLOWING: (4) Stifneck Select Adjustable Collar -Adult (4) 12x30 Rolled Multi-Trauma Dressing  (2) Adult Spur2 Disposable BVM  (2) Oral Airway Kit 7 Piece Set...

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