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Catheters and Tubing

  • Suction Tubing Standard (Blue Tip)

    Suction Connecting tubing is a clear, non-conductive tubing with two female ends used to transfer fluids from a suction catheter to a suction canister. Each tubing has two soft universal female connectors for a secure attachment to any male connection...

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  • Hi-D Big Stick Yankauer Suction Catheter

    Hi-D Big Stick Yankauer Suction Catheter

    The "Big Stick®" Yankauer Suction Tip. The HI-D is a large bore suction tip with vented thumb control. The design enables efficient removal of fluids and larger particles and facilitates accurate and steady placement.

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  • DuCanto Suction Catheter

    DuCanto Suction Catheter

    Click on the Product Video Tab Above! The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter is a new catheter that is unlike traditional Yankauer suction tips. The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter was developed with both routine and emergency airway management...

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  • Soft Suction Catheters - All Sizes

    Soft Suction Catheters - All Sizes

    These catheters are designed to be less traumatic to your patients while still providing high suctioning efficiency. Our catheters feature depth markings to help facilitate proper catheter placement.  Coil Package fits easily in Suction Units or...

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