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Patient Comfort

  • Emesis Basin

    This plastic emesis basin is easy to handle due to it's kidney shaped design. Basin measures 9" in length and has a 500cc capacity. Many EMS providers believe this is the worst "emesis catcher" known to modern man. Color may vary.

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  • Wash Basin

    While originally designed for washing, many customers report that this is one of the the best vomit-catching devices known to EMS.  Who are we to judge?

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  • Bed Pan, Fracture-type

    This smaller bedpan features a tapered front so that it slides easily under the body. It is also used as a female urinal. The loop handle makes maneuvering easy. Color may vary.

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  • Male Urinal with Cover

    Translucent white plastic male urinal has a handle designed for easy holding or hanging on cot hand rail.  Attached lid prevents spilling and reduces odors.  

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  • Emesis Bags - 24 per Pack

    Open top - ready for use Can be used as an emesis or urine container Tie bag off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell Graduated markings to measure oz. and cc/mL Single patient use (we hope!!!) Latex-free Use with our Bag Dispenser

    MSRP: $27.00
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  • Disposable Emergency Blanket - Yellow

    Disposable Emergency Blanket - Yellow

    Used by EMS, Police, Fire, Emergency Services and for Industrial Safety! Heavy–duty emergency/rescue blanket helps retain body heat and protects against the elements. Constructed with a layer of heavy–duty film laminated over a layer of...

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