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  • PEDIATAPE Color-Coded ALS Drug Tape

    PediaTape is a color-coded pediatric emergency tape. Quickly measure length and estimate weight with industry-standard color codes. Get exact dpsages for the most common resuscitation medication concentrations. The color lengths are based on the US CDC...

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  • Veni-Gard I.V. Site Dressing - 100 per Box

    Veni-Gard I.V. Site Dressing - 100 per Box

    The ConMed Veni-Gard® is designed to provide the ultimate in both protection and stabilization for peripheral I.V.’s. The Veni-Gard is intended to stabilize the catheter as an anchor providing securement assurance and an aggressive...

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  • Tegaderm I.V. Site Dressing - 100 per Box

    2-3/8 inch x 2-3/4 inch (6cm x 7cm) Transparent Film Dressing Frame Style Waterproof, sterile barrier protects the I.V. site from external contaminants. Breathable film lets oxygen in and moisture vapor out. Just the right balance in adhesive strength...

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  • BD Stretch Tourniquet, Latex-Free - 25 per Box

    BD Stretch Tourniquet, Latex-Free - 25 per Box

    The BD Vacutainer® Stretch latex-free tourniquet.   The convenient packaging allows for easy one-at-a-time dispensing of tourniquets that facilitates a single-use policy. By adopting the single-use tourniquet, you will reduce the danger of...

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  • 3 Way Stopcock - Each

    3 Way Stopcock - Each

    Our Smiths Medical stopcocks have color-embossed, raised printing on the handle for easy observation of stopcock positioning. Smiths Medical stopcocks have large handles that are easy to grip and smooth to turn. Our stopcocks are lipid resistant, non-PVC...

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  • Saline Flush Prefilled 10ml Syringe

    Medication Grade syringes with triple rings on syringe stopper providing controlled delivery of flush. Syringes designed to be activated, or cracked, prior to removing end-cap eliminating non-sterile air draw. Syringe diameter larger than standard 10mL...

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  • TwinPak Dual Cannula Device by BD - 100 per Box

    Ever wish you had an easy way to fill a syringe and "push" that medication without the use of a hypodermic needle? The Twinpak by BD has you covered. BD Twinpak™ dual cannula device, consists of a 20ga steel cannula "fill" needle and 17ga blunt...

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  • Disposable Pressure Infuser 1,000ml

    The Infu-Surg is a completely disposable pressure bag; therefore repair, cleaning, and sterilization procedures are completely eliminated. The Infu-Surg is compatible with most IV bags and is equipped with important features such as a three-way stopcock,...

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