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  • Res-Cue Pump Suction Unit by Ambu

    Res-Cue Pump Suction Unit by Ambu

    The compact design takes up very little space and can therefore be placed easily in the jump bag. The light weight design makes it possible to handle the pump easily during use, even when using it over an extended period. The vacuum can be adjusted from...

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  • Compact EMS Portable Suction Unit by Devilbiss

    Compact EMS Portable Suction Unit by Devilbiss

    Comes standard with 800cc Disposable Canister, Suction Tubing, AC & DC charging cables and grey nylon Carry Case. Vacuum adjustments allow for 80mm - 550mmHg and a free flow of 27 liters/minute. Easy-to-Read Top-Mounted Vacuum Gauge. Automatically...

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  • Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

    Dependable - Device diagnostics check all critical system functions Easy to use - Single large knob operates the unit Variable vacuum w/5 commonly used Oropharyngeal/Tracheal settings High performance - Capable of > 30 lpm at 500+ mmHg setting Rugged...

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  • SSCOR VX-2 Portable Suction Unit

    SSCOR VX-2 Portable Suction Unit

    The S-SCORT VX-2 is a portable, powerful and "Fireman-proof" tough, battery powered suction unit. Powerful enough to meet state, national and international standards and versatile enough to provide essential medical suction inside and outside the vehicle...

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  • SSCORT 3 Portable Suction Unit

    The S-SCORT III has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, and economical EMS suction device. It provides all of the power and versatility necessary to quickly and effectively clear an airway, weighs only 7 pounds and is economical to...

    MSRP: $920.75
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