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  • Spur II Adult Bag-Valve-Mask

    Spur II Adult Bag-Valve-Mask

    The Ambu SPUR II (Single Patient Use Resuscitator) is designed for manual ventilation. The only resuscitator that is made from a SEBS material instead of PVC. This classifies Ambu SPUR II as environmentally safe and fully disposable,...

    $14.77 - $19.00
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  • Peep Valve - Disposable Peep Valve with 22mm Adapter

    Disposable Universal Peep Valve

    Adjustable between 1.5 - 20cm H2O 30mm Connector and 22mm Adapter Ambu PEEP Valves have been designed to provide unique resistance characteristics when used with manual resuscitators, ventilators and CPAP systems. Ambu PEEP Valves can be fitted...

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  • Meconium Aspirator

    Meconium Aspirator

    Universal Meconium Aspirator for intermittent tracheal suctioning of aspirated meconium. A 15 mm I.D. connection allows direct connection to the tracheal tube OR a funnel-shaped connection to a standard suction catheter for suctioning of meconium in...

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  • Adult Bag II Resuscitator (BVM) by Laerdal

    Adult Bag II Resuscitator (BVM) by Laerdal

    Adult disposable resuscitator with large adult #5 mask. Optional Mask and/or Airways are available. The BAG II® Disposable Resuscitator is Laerdal’s option for disposable ventilation of patients without clean-up or the risk of...

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