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Iron Duck

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    Oxygen Roll Bag Royal Blue - U.P.

    This item is on Clearance Special. Only available in Royal Blue with U.P. Sold as is and all sales are final. Iron Duck Oxygen Roll Bag is fully padded to carry your oxygen cylinder, regulator and...

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    Now: $99.99
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  • Base Board Backboard

    Base Board Backboard

    Features include a 500 pound weight capacity with a float capacity of 250 lbs. Ergonomic rotomolded construction with 14 over-sized hand holds for gloved hands. X-Ray and CT scan translucent,...

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  • Trauma Pack Plus Bag

    Trauma Pack Plus Bag

    The Trauma Pack Plus is ruggedly designed for field professionals with tapered exterior pockets and a UP covered bottom for added durability. Full length front and rear pockets provide easy...

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  • Ultra Sofbox Plus Bag

    Ultra Sofbox Plus Bag

    The main compartment has moveable dividers to customize the bag to suit your equipment needs The top lid has a full length clear mesh reinforced pocket with various sizes of elastic tool...

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  • Breathsaver Plus Bag

    Breathsaver Plus Bag

    Accommodates either a "D" or Jumbo "D" oxygen cylinder The end pocket opens fully to allow access to the oxygen tank regulator while the tank stays secured inside the main compartment The main...

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  • Ultra Breathsaver Bag

    Ultra Breathsaver Bag

    Main compartment contains ample space for equipment and supplies, multiple sizes of elastic holders and a removable, padded organizational divider Two zippered front pockets can accommodate smaller...

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  • Ultra Short BackBoard

    Ultra Short BackBoard Measurements: 31.25" long x 15.75" wide x 1" thick This rugged alternative to standard wooden short boards is manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). The...

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