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Padded and Rolled

  • Board Splints, Padded

    Board Splints, Padded

    Padded board splints with patient safe rounded corners. All splints are made with ½" X 3" wood, sealed in reusable vinyl covers. ½" foam on one side of splint adds comfort for patient.

    $4.34 - $8.51
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  • Cardboard Splints, Disposable - All Sizes

    The disposable splint is designed to conform to contours of limbs. This product allows fractures to be splinted with one-step ease. No need for additional fillers. Constructed of heavy-duty cardboard with half-density 3/8 inch thick cushioning...

    $1.68 - $4.34
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  • Pelvic Sling, Pneumatic

    Pelvic Sling, Pneumatic

    The Pneumatic Pelvic Sling provides early stabilization of pelvic fractures at the accident scene to facilitate patient transport and to reduce life-threatening bleeding. The inflatable cuffs exert lateral pressure to the pelvis for external...

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  • Padded Board Splint Kits - Complete

    Splint kit available in two models with webbing handles. Full-length Zippered Case exposes splints for easy deployment and restock. Velcro Case opens on short end. Both kits are packaged with 6 splints (2 each 15", 36", 54")

    $67.14 - $68.81
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  • EMS Splint with Self-Adherent Wrap

    EMS Splint with Self-Adherent Wrap

    Back by popular demand! A rolled foam-covered aluminum splint that can be used to provide stable immobilization of any extremity. Each EMS Splint comes packaged with a roll of 2 inch Self-Adherent Wrap in its' core, to facilitate fast,...

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  • Frac-Pack Fracture Kit - Deluxe

    Kit Includes: 1 Child Arm Splint 1 Adult Arm Splint 1 Child Leg Splint 1 Adult Leg Splint 1 Arm/Shoulder Immobilizer Fracture Kit Features: Vinyl carry case with storage compartments Heavy-duty and waterproof X-ray transparent In-line fiberglass...

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  • Splint Case with Full-Length Zipper Closure

    56" Long Orange Case. Available with zipper closure running full length of bag between the handles making it easy to carry and open in the field. Keep splints from spilling out on the scene. Webbing handle.  Holds 6 or more board splints...

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  • Sam Splint, X-Wide

    The SAM® SPLINT is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. At the same time, the...

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