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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Black

    Adscope™ 603 Stainless Steel Stethoscope

    One of our most popular acoustic scopes, the 603 combines outstanding acoustic performance with rugged durability. Combination diaphragm/bell adult chestpiece made from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and rugged durability...

    $39.95 - $44.87
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  • Stealth Black Royal Blue

    Adscope™ 609 Lightweight Stethoscope

    The ADSCOPE-lite™ is the only affordably priced stethoscope to combine superior acoustic response with an ultra lightweight design. Combination diaphragm/bell adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from lightweight...

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  • Adscope™ 613 Teaching Stethoscope

    A premium teaching scope built from Adscope™ 603 components with Lifetime Warranty covering all parts. The Adscope® 613 Teaching Scope features: Two clinical headsets – one black, one royal with 22" PVC tubing and...

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  • Royal Blue Black

    Adscope™ 615 Premium Clinician Stethoscope

    With AFD technology and an oversized ovoid chestpiece, the 615 is our finest clinician series stethoscope. The Adscope™ 615 series features: ADC’s AFD Technology provides the acoustic response of a traditional bell and diaphragm in...

    $52.57 - $54.75
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  • Gray Neon Yellow

    Proscope™ 660 Single Head Stethoscope

    Diaphragm only chestpiece Lightweight aluminum chestpiece construction Non-chill diaphragm only nurse style chestpiece (1 3/4" diameter) Ideally suited for blood pressure measurement Proprietary diaphragm enhances acoustic response by 50% over...

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  • Black Neon Yellow

    Proscope™ 670 Dual Head Adult Stethoscope

    Combination diaphragm/bell chestpiece for wide frequency response Lightweight aluminum chestpiece construction Non-chill bell and diaphragm rim for patient comfort Diaphragm diameter 1 3/4", bell diameter 3/4" Proprietary diaphragm enhances...

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  • Proscope™ 671 Teaching Dual Head Stethoscope

    Great stethoscope for Instructors/Students A must for use during EMT training and testing Combination diaphragm/bell Proscope™ chestpiece Two sets of adjustable aluminum binaurals Two sets of 22" and one straight 10" length of PVC tubing Two...

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  • Royal Blue Neon Yellow

    Adscope™ 641 Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

    This design features an improved valve mechanism that virtually eliminates acoustic leakage and a chestpiece key to facilitate after market service. ADC Sprague Scopes feature: Threaded chestpiece drum of chrome plated zinc permits the use of five...

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