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Head Immobilizers

  • Big Blue Head Immobilizer

    Big Blue Head Immobilizer

    Vinyl coated foam for easy disinfection. Extra large pillows provide maximum support. Ear holes to check for blood and allows patient to hear. Pillows firmly attach to base with wide Velcro strips. Position on backboard and secured with mounted...

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  • Foam Orange Head Blocks

    Foam Orange Head Blocks

    This device is affordably priced to be disposable, yet is durable enough to be reused. Rectangular (4 x 5 x 10") foam blocks sealed in highly visible orange vinyl offering firm yet lightweight support. X-ray translucent and adjustable to...

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  • Foam Roll Head Immobilizer

    Foam Roll Head Immobilizer

    Here is a complete system for your head immobilization needs. Its design makes it a universal head immobilizer. Each unit includes head and chin straps and is individually packaged in thermo-sealed film. Works in all weather conditions and easily is...

    $6.89 - $9.65
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