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Needleless IV Drip Sets with Luer and Pierceable Ports by MedSource


Product Description

Our I.V. Administration sets by MedSource come in industry standard 83" lengths and either 10 or 60 drop configuration. Our sets are made from medical grade PVC, and are non-pyrogenic. From top to bottom these sets include: spike, chamber, clamp, needleless Y-Site with perforated membrane, needleless connector and rotary Luer adapter.

One IV set now offers TWO ways to deliver therapy. Many medications in prefilled syringes require using either needles, blunt needles or luer lock tips for drug administration. These EMS I.V. sets provide the flexibility needed by featuring both luer and blunt/needle access on one I.V. set.  2 SIZES - Available in 10 and 60 drop sets, easily recognized by different color-colored packaging. 

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